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Final Cover - Counting Up the Olive Tree
cover of p is for palestine 6th edition
critical acclaim golbarg bashi p is for palestine #writingwomen #womenwriters #writingouto
Saving Maahi English Cover Final Feb 202

In 2016, Dr. Bashi began publishing fun and colorful social justice children's books and content that focuses on a diverse range of characters and geographies, from hitherto erased or underrepresented or misrepresented regions, identities, communities, abilities and challenges. 

Connected to our local/global grassroots, and since 2013, we've used our creative, diverse and transnational lived-experiences as well as academic expertise to help create a more inclusive and equitable world, one children's book, one educational toy or content, one community reading, one children's reading event, consultation or academic lecture at a time.

Through every single conscious and deliberate project and activity, we have aimed to holistically empower children from all backgrounds, and provide kids and adults alike with the necessary tools to become informed global citizens. In January 2024, PM PRESS acquired our two best selling English language titles.

We have many more titles, sequels in our series that are in their early illustration stages and which we hope to offer to our readers in the future.

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“The Trees Witness Everything” --Victoria Chang

First we carefully made our environmentally-conscious Arabic and Persian wood blocks with lots of love, non-toxic methods and ink from a handful of sustainably harvested trees from local protected forests in North Eastern United States. We then we made use of the same trees for paper and the ink to write and publish books--books we had needed as children from marginalized and misrepresented communities to gift for a more empowered generation of children and theirs, world over.

 -Golbarg Bashi


The first title in Dr. Bashi™ Diverse Social Justice Children's Picture Books Series, was the 2017 globally-celebrated P is for Palestine: A Palestine Alphabet Book, a world-first and instant best-seller, followed by the critically acclaimed Counting Up the Olive Tree: A Palestine Number Book (2019). We are pleased that both of these books have been acquired by PM PRESSan American publisher of progressive trade books with the capability to offer these books at a far faster, better and competitively lower prices to individual as well as wholesale customers all around the world. Inquiries regarding any aspect of these books (purchase, licensing, media, author invitations) should be directed at PM PRESS team. Thank you!

We started our social impact venture in 2013 by creating world's first pedagogically-advanced, durable, gender/race conscious PERSIAN and ARABIC wooden building blocks in Vermont, USA (collectors items since 2018) and for which we became nominated in 2016 for the prestigious U.S. Women In Toys ‘Wonder Woman’ Award in the Designer/Inventor category–Fellow nominees included Disney, Mattel, Lego, and Hasbro.​​​ Our quest to re-introduce our sustainably made non-toxic Arabic and Persian blocks with a new design, and in other languages and categories has not ceased.


And while we appreciate continued individual, community and whole-sale inquiries about our blocks as well as in our children's book writing, editing and contributions to early childhood development, as a small woman-minority owned children's social impact venture with good social value deeply committed to progressive social justice such as gender and racial equality, diversity and climate change action, we are only assessing and reviewing inquiries about our blocks and our hitherto unpublished children's picture book manuscripts (click here for an example) from socially responsible trade children's mass-media companies vested in fair and sustainable trade practices and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies. 

Our Five E-Promises (since 2013)

1. Educational

2. Ethical

3. Earth-friendly

4. Enduring

5. Empowering 

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