Art is Education

Our core principle and objective are to spread the beauty of the arts and the joy of learning through sustainable, green, original, and aesthetically exciting products. We live through our art, aim to make our children proud and offer lasting heirlooms to our community.

Professor-Mom's Mission

Making the learning of our mother-tongues an early, easy, and fun-filled experience with an unwavering commitment to ethical, gender-equal, and earth-friendly business practices.

The Three R's

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The human environmental footprint is already weighing too heavily on our planet. We make toys that can be passed on from one generation to another, made of sustainably sourced hard Maplewood from Northeast of the United States and 100% biodegradable.

Join us for Persian storytime in New York!

We are fortunate to have an exceptional honorary advisory committee whose unparalleled knowledge guides our educational and ethical project. The following prominent personalities guide and advise Dr. Bashi