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"The children's book that shook the USA"

cover of p is for palestine 6th edition
First title in our Diverse Children's Books Series!

Critically-acclaimed ABC picture book (2017)


P is for Palestine 

"[T]he first ABC picture book about Palestine is definitely an important book for people of Palestinian heritage who want to share it with their children."

—Alex Supko, Librarian for Baltimore County Public Library, writer at Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association.


"[C]heerful little book, in which a curly-haired young girl guides us through her homeland...A genuine celebration of the historical diversity of Palestine, the book does a stellar job of reminding Westerners, many of whom believe Christianity is a Western religion, that it is Palestine that is the birthplace of Christianity."

—Nada Elia, Palestinian author and journalist.


"Parenting is hard enough. Now add to the mix raising Palestinian children to be proud of their heritage, history, and homeland amidst an onslaught of negative and demeaning messages...The book presents a beautifully illustrated, unapologetically proud narrative of Palestinian identity...The racist portrayal of us as violent, angry, irrational, uncivilized, and incapable of living in peace with their neighbors is far too common...P is for Palestine is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement needed by children whose identity is constantly under attack...Every child could benefit from learning about Palestine in a positive and uplifting way. You are paying it forward to the next generation by giving the gift of learning about Palestine in the context of working for freedom, justice and equality."

—Dr. Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director of The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), and a prolific political analyst and writer on foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim world and civil rights and civil liberties in the United States.


"[T]he post-colonial space...[for diverse book] genre (Babar notwithstanding) is pretty unpopulated, so I was excited to spot P is for Palestine by Golbarg Bashi...The book is fantastic on so many different levels: it features a little girl with curly black hair, big eyes and brown skin; the illustrations are gorgeous; and it teaches the alphabet through egalitarian and multi-cultural words from both Arabic and English."

—Radhika Sainath, American writer and civil rights lawyer.


"When does a children's book get coverage in the New York Post ('Page Six,' no less), the Forward, Ha'aretz, the New York Daily News, and Breitbart?...teaching and learning about Palestine has been a sore spot for Zionists. The book provides an ocular target for their existential anxiety."

—Steven Salaita, Professor of American Indian Studies. and a prolific scholar of immigration, indigenous peoples, dislocation, race, ethnicity and multiculturalism.


"[P is for Palestine is] a children’s book that teaches about justice and resistance... Why buy this book?...As parents, we try to teach our kids about kindness and justice. Our obligation is to teach our children to stand up to bullies, whether they are in the schoolyard or a regional power linked to imperialism. Love of justice is taught; it’s not instinctive. Solidarity with the oppressed is a value we must do our best to model for the next generations. For kids, the love of books and reading is essential. Palestinian kids, who are too often robbed of their childhoods by a brutal occupation regime, deserve the same right to play, learn, read and laugh that any other children enjoy.

—Socialist Action​.


"This powerful book will prove to be pivotal for so many young Palestinians on their search for identity and belonging, and will introduce countless others to a place and people that have been marginalized for too long in their struggle for equality. I can't wait to buy copies for my niece, and her friends. P is for 'Palestine', and also for 'Proud'." 

—Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Palestinian-American Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, and senior correspondent for AJ+.


“You will fall in love with this innovative, much needed, and beautifully illustrated Palestinian alphabet book. Highly recommended!” 

—Dr. Jack G. Shaheen, author of “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People” and a foremost authority on media images of Arabs and Muslims in American Popular Culture.


“This book provides an attractive and thoughtful introduction to the heritage and culture of Palestine that will be appreciated by children whose families come from Palestine, and by children everywhere.” 

—Dr. Rashid Khalidi, globally renowned Palestinian-American scholar, author, and the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University.


“P is for Palestine is a colorful manifestation of all that is beautiful about the land of my parents and ancestors. This book is a gift that takes you on a journey of love, life and resilience; the virtues of my beloved Palestine.”

—Linda Sarsour, award-winning Palestinian Muslim American Activist. 



“Golbarg Bashi’s “P is for Palestine” is a moving journey of alphabetical letters becoming a bridge, a boat that connects us to our homeland and our heritage, while yearning for freedom and peace in Palestine.”

—Rula Jebreal, award-winning Palestinian author, film-maker, journalist, and foreign policy analyst.


“I'm so happy to live in a world where a book like "P is for Palestine" exists. If I had had something like this as a child, I would have felt so much less alone and so much more interested in my culture, instead of wondering why no one else seemed to know the words that were so comforting and real to me. I cannot wait to give a copy to my niece, nephew, and every other little Arab American child, who will not only be able to learn from this book, but will also be able to feel proud of where she is from, and, consequently, rooted deeply in the world.”

- Najla Said, Palestinian-American playwright, actress and author of “Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family.”



—Marwan Bishara, internationally renowned Palestinian author, broadcaster and chief political analyst at Al Jazeera Media Network and host of its flagship show EMPIRE.


“I wish I had a book like this when I was a child! Fantastic and fun... a great way to show children another world and open their minds. It's especially exciting to me as a Palestinian as I always want to find ways to show my baby she can feel proud of her culture and have fun at the same time. Colorful, truly original and a delight for young and old!” 

—Annemarie Jacir, Academy Award Nominated Palestinian Filmmaker (When I Saw You).


“A book for our children that teaches self-love and pride. A book for our friends that shares a central piece of our lives. A book for ourselves that sings without apology: P is for Palestine and all of its wonders that make it home." 

—Noura Erakat, internationally renowned Palestinian-American human rights attorney, academic and activist.


“Golbarg Bashi takes children (and parents) into Palestine, illustrated beautifully with Golrokh Nafisi drawings. P is for Palestine is a must for anyone who grew up with fragmented past and is looking to changing today's stereotypes.” 

—Najwa Najjar, award-winning Palestinian filmmaker (Eyes of a Thief - Pomegranates and Myrrh).


***“Palestine is our story, and our story begins with the alphabet.Every letter a direction. Stunningly illustrated. A dream-book for all ages.” 


—Nathalie Handal, Award-winning Palestinian poet and writer.

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