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ARABIC العربية Block Set

Gift to Last Generations, Non-Toxic, Made in USA!


Perfect Gift: educational, decorative, luxury quality, lasts generations!

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Children as young as 12-months can now visually memorize and learn the core elements in Arabic by playing with Dr. Bashi™ blocks, while advancing their key motor-skills by stacking and building with these premium non-toxic blocks (made to last generations). Our 28-piece Arabic maple wood educational set is lacquered, colorful, engraved!

Every square cube has 6 sides. Every side of the Dr. Bashi™ blocks are treated as primetime real estate—on just 1 side for instance, there are 2 combined educational components–e.g. geometric shape plus a color—so for a triangle (
muthallath), we also get a color: yellow (asfar).


Sight-word for each letter of the alphabet have been carefully selected to be peaceful and useful.


One can also build a 4 season puzzle to create an entire tree (shajarah) and then turn each block to reveal the other sides (shapes/color, number, alphabet, sight-word, weather...).


With our wood blocks, children can begin to memorize the Arabic alphabet, vowels and numbers, geometric shapes, math symbols, sight-words, seasons, and weather types in Arabic, all the while advancing their motor-skills by stacking and building with the blocks.

Our blocks also promote parent-child interaction--because playing on the floor with wood blocks is the ideal environment for social interaction between adults and children--stacking, building, observing, and talking about the blocks provides the kind of social interaction that mediates the learning process (Berk & Winsler, 1995).The blocks that we make are of heirloom quality, which means they are made to last generations. When you purchase one of our sets for a child, you are buying it for their child, grandchild, great grandchild and great-great-grandchild…we guarantee it! 

Unlike the linden and basswood alphabet blocks commonly found in the market, our blocks are made of native northeastern hard maple wood which creates a solid, non-splintering toy that is safe and soft around the edges. Furthermore while linden and basswood alphabet blocks begin to fade and lose their ink within the first few months of play by a child, our lacquered blocks retain their vibrant color and shine for decades–remember we've made them to be passed down from our children to theirs.The wood working skills that have lovingly gone into creating our blocks belong to a long tradition of quality craftsmanship in the Northeast of the United States.The content for our Arabic blocks has been created in close consultation with four world-renowned scholars of Arabic, namely Professors Sinan Antoon (NYU), Noha Radwan (UC Davis), George Saliba (Columbia), and Samah Selim (Rutgers).


Dr. Bashi™ is a small, woman-owned social impact educational start-up based on ethical, earth-friendly & gender/race-conscious principles.

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